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Asbestos Awareness Workshop

Category: Response

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Course Preview:

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Course Materials:

Asbestos Glossary
Asbestos Workshop Final Agenda
01 Introduction
02 Basics of Asbestos
03 Regulatory Framework
04 Health Risks
05 Libby Response Plan Case Study
06 Response Action
07 River Street Warehouse Case Study
08 Asbestos Sampling and Analysis
09 Removal Action
10 Mt Norris Case Study
11 Work Practices
12 Transportation and Disposal
13 Resources

Course Description:

This workshop will provide U.S. EPA Region 1 On-Scene Coordinators, Remedial Project Managers, and other support personnel an overview of the practices and procedures for asbestos sites.  It is designed for personnel who need to address asbestos during site assessment and cleanup activities.  The workshop will emphasize asbestos considerations during an emergency response or removal action, including sites with improper disposal of asbestos containing materials, sites with vermiculite, and sites with naturally occurring asbestos.  The workshop will also discuss challenges in addressing asbestos contamination and recommendations for characterizing and cleaning up sites.