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Health and Safety for EPA Site Supervisors

Category: Health and Safety

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This course is only available to U.S. EPA staff.

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Course Description:

This 8-hour course is for experienced personnel responsible for developing, implementing, or managing safety programs for hazardous waste clean-up operations, treatment, storage, and disposal facilities, or responding to chemical emergencies. 

The course will help you answer the following questions as a site supervisor:

  • What are your health and safety responsibilities.
  • What do the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) say are your responsibilities and potential liabilities as the EPA representative.
  • What should you be looked for when reviewing a site health and safety plan.
  • How is an accident investigation conducted.


Topics discussed include responsibilities and liabilities, health and safety plans, accident investigations and lessons learned.

The instructional methodology for this course includes lectures, case studies, and group discussions. The target audience for this course is RPMs, OSCs and other site safety managers. 

This course meets the 29 CFR1910.120(e)(4) requirements of eight hours of initial training for on-site management and supervisors, directly responsible for, or who supervise employees engaged in, hazardous waste operations.

Continuing Education Units: 0.8

In compliance with Executive Order 13589 - Promoting Efficient Spending, Section 5; the ERTP will not be regularly printing or providing students hard copies of the course manual. A link to an electronic copy of the student manual for personal printing or e-reading has been provided in the Courses Materials section of this page.